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Special Construction

Projects having special design and construction requirements include shoring and underpinning designs, heavy equipment foundations, retaining wall structures, automatic storage and retrieval buildings (ASRS), and designs complying with nuclear safety related structures.


Retaining Wall - Rochester Institute of Technology

New retaining wall foundation and steelExtensive steel corrosion and settlement resulted in the need for replacement of the retaining walls, bridge approach apron, and column supports for the pedestrian bridge.
Special shalow foundations for poor soil conditionsSpecial shallow foundations were designed to stabilize the new construction on poor soils. Corrosive resistant reinforced concrete materials were specified for strength and durability.

Uncharted underground utilities presented interesting challenges during construction.

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Shoring and Underpinning

This wooden column has to hold 5 stories - rotten section replaced with concrete pierCase Hoyt Printing Co. - Rochester, NY

Wood deterioration at the lower level of a heavy timber column, which supports five floor levels, was remedied by removing a section of column and the construction of a new concrete pier and footing.

Modified foundation to accommodate new elevator.Academy of Medicine - Rochester, NY.

Structural design for the new lobby and open wall elevator required that sections of the building foundations be lowered. Shoring and underpinning procedures where engineered. Steel framing supported the two-story lobby construction

Gymnasium was divided into two floors.
Lattimore Road Medical - Rochester, NY

Constructed in 1920,  the reinforced concrete school building was converted to medical offices.  This required the addition of a new floor level in the gymnasium and the extension of existing building foundations to accommodate new office space below grade.

Some existing footings were removed.Interior building columns and exterior walls were shored and existing footings removed. A 10-foot high clear space below grade was constructed for medical offices.

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Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

ASRS Structure nearing completionDRC Associates provides structural engineering for Automated Storage and Retrieval Building systems (ASRS) throughout the United States. Engineering commissions include foundations, rack design, or combinations of both.

Tall structures without floors, ASRS buildings consist of storage racks constructed with truss like vertical components. Foundations are typically concrete mats bearing on soil or on piles.

Looking down the aisle of an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS)The selection of super flat and flat floor construction is based on operational considerations.

Freezer and refrigeration storage buildings are common uses for ASRS buildings.

3D element and finite analysis together with graphic engineering achieves economy in design, detailing, and construction.


bulletChevrolet Plant: Flint, Michigan
bulletWegmans Foods: Rochester, New York
bulletBayer Corp: Raleigh, North Carolina
bulletBerkley Diaries: Berkeley, California

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US Department of Energy -  Tritium Facility Design

Stand alone construction steel, shown at right.Tritium facility was designed by Bechtel International for the Department of Energy and constructed by Bell Technologies, Inc.

Working with the contractor, the stand-alone construction aid steel was engineered to support the stacking of steel wall shields and accessories. 

CAD design provided reference model for placement of accessoriesAll major accessories within the wall configuration were modeled to produce a scaleable electronic 3D layout.

The electronic model became the field reference for installation and the base line for producing shop fabrication drawings.

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DRC Assocates provides structural engineering consulting throughout the northeastern United States.

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