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Brick and Stone Masonry Restoration

For 20 years, DRC Associates has maintained a strong presence in forensic evaluations, repair, restoration and strengthening of modern and historically significant buildings, We have completed more than 100 projects ranging from general purpose structures, to early American industrial and religious structures. Damaged structural masonry many times implies damage to other structural elements of the building. We have not only engineered the rebuilding or strengthening of masonry buttress walls, towers and arches, but also heavy timber trusses and arches, structural tile floors, brick arch floors, wrought iron and cast iron structures.


Harrow East Building - Parapet Reconstruction

Harrow East Building - Rochester, NY

New parapet was constructed at a lower height.Forensic investigation questioned the stability of the 10-foot high parapet walls. A report with options was submitted to the owner. Detailed engineering documents were prepared for re-construction.

Many original architectural stones were incorporated into the new wallThe new parapet wall was constructed to a lower height incorporating many of the original architectural stone pieces.

McGraw Bell Tower - Cornell University

Completed in 1891, the 173-foot tower houses the Cornell Chimes. Phase one consisted of forensic engineering, report and recommendations.


Phase two consisted of the complete reconstruction of the stone and brick tower, which included:
bulletReplacement of Belfry stones, arches and columns
bulletReplacement of anchors bolts and repairs to the spiral steel frame.
bulletRestoration of mortar joints
bulletInstallation of a new 3 level steel frame to support the Cornell chimes.


Seneca Towers, Rochester, New York

Forensic study concluded that the lack of soft joints to relieve temperature movement in the brick veneer, resulted in brick damages located primarily at the steel lintel supports.

Repair included soft joints to accomodate thermal expansion.Repairs included the replacement of the damaged brick, and corroded steel lintels, installing of new spandrel flashing, and the creation of soft joints.

Work was completed on all building elevations

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DRC Assocates provides structural engineering consulting throughout the northeastern United States.

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