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Concrete Repair and Reconstruction

Forensic investigation, condition surveys, and performance evaluations are important resources we employ for the repair, reconstruction, and strengthening of damaged concrete and for engineering durable upgrades to existing concrete to meet operational environments. Materials and methods are engineered to meet specific project requirements. Tools for repair include: concrete overlays, pressure grouting, pressure injection, concrete patching, gunite concrete, shotcrete, external post-tensioning reinforcement and others.

Niagara Falls Memorial Hospital -  Niagara Falls, NY

Parking deck prior to new concreteConstructed in precast, pre-stressed concrete elements, the composite precast parking decks for the five levels are topped with 3 inches of cast in place concrete..

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New concrete being applied to deckReconstruction of the parking decks included the hydro-demolition of the 3-inch concrete topping, repair to the precast, and replacement of the corroded precast connectors and reinforcing steel. A lightweight high performance, corrosion resistant concrete topping was installed.

Topping thickness varied to improve floor drainage. An external post tensioning system was installed to strengthen the long span floor beams weaken by corroded pre-stressed reinforcement.


Genesee Hospital Doctor's Building -  Rochester, NY

Condition survey reveals exposed Re-Bar and crumbling concreteCorrosion of the reinforcing steel embedded in the precast wall panels resulted in damaged concrete sections.

Repairs are underwayConcrete sections were replaced using the form and pour method and the hand patch method. Exposed reinforcing steel received corrosive resistant treatment


The building surfaces were treated with a color-finishing product to provide a uniform appearance.

Monroe Community College - Rochester, NY

Exposed concrete is crumbling - condition surveyConcrete restoration of this building was the first phase of a multi-phased program to repair and restore exposed concrete construction on campus.   Repairs underway at Monroe Community College - concrete corrosion is evident in this photo

Newly restored concrete exterior at Monroe Community CollegeDRC Associates surveyed the entire campus, identified and developed repair types, methods, and procedures for the campus wide program.

Rochester General Hospital Parking Garage - Rochester, NY

Corroded re-bar and concreteRepair and re-construction to the parking structure included the replacement of damaged post tensioned reinforcement anchors and reactivation of, the tension reinforcement.  Reconstruction of the structures expansion joints, and general concrete repairs were completed. Repair of concrete deck

A two level addition to this garage has also been completed by DRC Associates.


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DRC Assocates provides structural engineering consulting throughout the northeastern United States.

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