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Parking Structures

As prime consultant responsible for functional design, Architecture, MEP and Structural design, or as a structural consultant to other firms, DRC Associates understands the durability, performance and environmental issues that are inherent to parking structures.  We recognize the important contribution that good detail engineering brings towards mitigating the effects of temperature, movement and a corrosive environment for long term serviceability.

Eastern Maine Medical Center - Bangor, Maine

Design packages were prepared for two different structural systems for the 800 car parking structure. DRC Associates developed the cast in place post-tensioned concrete frame and foundations and provided engineering support and foundation design to the precast manufacturer.

The building foundation rests on rock. Rock elevations varied from 0 to 25 feet below the surface. Foundations consisted of a combination of spread footings and steel piling.



Rochester General Hospital Parking Garage Addition - Rochester, NY

As prime consultant, the firm provided structural, civil and functional design for the 650-car upper level addition to the exiting 650 car-parking garage. Prominent features of the design included a new covered second level exit ramp and a snow removal tower which services the roof level.

High performance lightweight concrete with corrosive inhibiting properties was designed to reduce structure weight and for durability. The floor construction incorporated a Post-tensioned reinforcement. Architecturally, reinforced brick masonry construction was selected for exterior parapets walls, ramp and snow tower.

Structural repairs and strengthening procedures where completed on the existing structure in preparation for the new construction.

Hill Medical Center - Syracuse, NY

DRC Associates provided structural design for the office and parking complex and functional design for the 750 car-parking garage. Parking floor levels and medical floor levels have common floor elevations.

A traffic circle integrated with curved vehicle transition ramps exiting the upper floors was constructed at the interior grade level of the garage. Sloping terrain permitted split-level access to the garage from two adjacent city streets.


A steel frame structure was selected for the office and parking garage. Pre-stressed concrete plank and post-tensioned cast in place concrete comprise the floor construction for the office and parking garage respectively.

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DRC Assocates provides structural engineering consulting throughout the northeastern United States.

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